Nailstorming #14 ~ Cupcakes & Co’


I don’t know about you, but when I think cupcakes, recently the only thing which comes to my mind is “Max’s homemade cupcakes!” with a high-pitched blond voice (no offense for any blond intended) in my head. There you have it, I have the references I can. In the meantime, it doesn’t help much to find ideas for the Nailstorming, especially as cupcakes are not my favorite desert either. I mean, of course I’d never refuse some (who would? free food!) but if I have a bit more choice, I would look for other kinds of sweets. And, after almost a year in Asia, what I feel like right now is macaron. And who says macaron says Ladurée (or Pierre Hermé, not trying to make enemies!)

So I did a quick Pinterest search (who became my best friend since we had to give up on Google here in China) and I totally and shamefully inspired myself from that: I chose the pretty Green Apple from Etude House, the pistachio pastel green on all my nails accept for the accent. Thin and almost straight lines thanks to my DIY liner brush, a purple pattern using Bondi Uptown Girl, and a terrible tentative of macarons drawing using several pastels and Innisfree, on a white base this time.






My macarons quite disappointed me I must say, but I just love the purple on green and really feel like using this pattern again (though I smashed it a bit against my phone…)! And, as a whole, these colors together really makes my heart flutter, I like it! Aside from this, I feel a renewed urge for French sweets and deserts; I fear I will need surveillance in the airport, hard to be French! I’ll leave to keep my stomach and drool under locks!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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