Orange is the new black ~ Neon explosion


As I’m currently unable to participate to Nailstorming for 2 weeks, my weekly excuse for posting, for technical reasons (I had to expensively pay UPS to ship my polish back to France while I discover Japan 🙂 ) it seemed rather fair to prepare two articles not to leave the blog all alone in the meantime. Blog which, by the way, is already a year old as WordPress kindly reminded me. Holy molly. Anyway.

A friend of mine offered me a stunning Innisfree, a light neon orange which totally caught my attention as I laid my eyes on it (I don’t have the number right now, but I’ll edit as soon as I am reunited with my precious!). When I saw it, it was just obvious it was meant to be matched with its big brother, the n°75, a corail/orange neon quite the stunner himself.

I wasn’t smart enough to start with a white base (…), just three coats of the newcomer in 4 thin coats, on top of which I made a gradient using the n°75 and the raspberry red n°18. After making mainly patterned mani for special occasions, I was kinda looking forward for some accent nailification: this time, white base, chevron stickers from Skinfood (not so great by the way) and let the gradient begin!





I loved the result! Orange is definitely not one of my usual tints, but this mani was just summer personnified, vivid and neon and I absolutely do not regret going for a total orange look! And you, does your heart beat for neon colors? 🙂

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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