Stripes and pastel ~ Flowers for a new beginning


That’s it, I’m done with China. Amost 10 months at Mao’s went by (because I also spent quite a lot of time elsewhere ahaha), more than 50 bottles of nail polish were purchased, friendships were made… Anyway. I’m having a really nice end with Japan as could have noticed those following me on Instagram, and wanted to do a mani related to that before leaving. But I had to part with my precious rather urgently two days before my departure, only keeping with me a survival kit.

Therefore, no other way, I had to adapt and went in another direction: roses. I used the very pretty mint Tiffany from picture Polish in three thin coats, and just like for my macarons, made white lines with an old nail polish brush. Roses where made with approximate dots in my fake OPI Love Chapel, a bright rose, and a bad quality Korean one that I left behind me in Shanghai. My teal Color Club Abyss was just perfect for leaves then!





I am more and more convinced that it was time for me to go back to simplier things such as having just an accent nail, I like it a lot and loved this mani which was so different from what I had on my nails since some time, wore it with pride in Japan!

See you soon for new polished adventures, from France this time!



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