Nailstorming #15 ~ Autumn

I am not dead. Yet! \o/
Sure, writing this article was a challenge over September and October. Lack of time, motivation, inspiration light, nail polish, nails (yes, it can happen) or of camera… But I like this little blog I have here and am not ready to just give up on it yet. So, after many travels, administrative sh*t, summer job and moving, finally, I am back! I won’t promise anything fancy, but will try to be here twice a week with a NA and the Sunday’s Nailstorming. I am slowly coming back to life in terms of nail polish. For more updates you can follow me on Instagram @lilispolishes I tend to post more (because yes, I did my nails a few times since the 27th of June, don’t push it!)
Nailstorming #15- Moody blues and fimo (4)
Nailstorming #15- Moody blues and fimo (2)
Nailstorming #15- Moody blues and fimo (3)
Nailstorming #15- Moody blues and fimo (6)
Anyway, stop with the boring talks. Today, I am following the “omg it’s Autumn let’s do leaves on our naiiiils” (no mocking intented, I love it 🙂 ) trend which took over the international nail community (just that). With a little addition, I thought I was back in Asia and stuck little fimo leaves, rather tropical ones, on my nails. Whatever. It’s rather crazy, weird and funky at the same time, I loved it and, most amazing thing was it actually lasted, like 4 days!
So, let’s sum up: little fimo (or whatever) leaves from La petite épicerie stuck with top coat on a gradient base 100% Essie: Maximilian Strasse Her and Trophy Wife. Sometimes your really need some teal in your life!
See you soon for new polished adventures!

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