Nailstorming #16 ~ October Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness


Yes, I did it, one week later I managed to keep my promises, here comes the weekly Nailstorming!

Anyway, I probably won’t be teaching you anything if I tell you that October is the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness, hard to miss it (except maybe by living in a cave?) and that’s perfect! At least we all think about it once a year, it’s a disease which could touch potentially all of us ladies and usually we all know someone from our families who had to go through this ordeal, the kind of really bad things we’d rather avoid… All the more the reason to get checked early, a cancer is usually easier to fight out of the body when discovered in its first stages!

I chose to use the lovely pastel pink  Hoopla from Ciaté, three thin coats of it as my base before adding some big glitters and a water marble using Magenta from l’Onglerie as accent nail! (Yes, like Saint-George, I vanquished my demons, but that will be the subject of a coming post!)

Nailstorming #16 - Octobre Rose (1)

Nailstorming #16 - Octobre Rose (2)

Nailstorming #16 - Octobre Rose (3)

Nailstorming #16 - Octobre Rose (4)

I felt like I had candy on my nails (you know, this kind of curly strawberry lollipops?), loved it! And it’s always good to wear pink from time to time!

Don’t forget to get tested, stay healthy and see you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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