Nailstorming #18 ~ Bijoux de famille

I miserably failed. Yes, I humbly admit it, I didn’t post any article this week. I blame my  way too much eclectic schedule, I really wanted to do it, really, but I seriously lacked time (as a proof, I met with L’Oreal’s people at an enterprises forum with only a simple Essie mani using Blanc, and my polish actually dared to make bubbles! #killmealready). Better be warned, next week is gonna be worse. Oh master’s degree, how I love you!

But well, today is Sunday, and Sunday means Nailstorming! For this week’s topic, family’s jewels, I must say I didn’t have much inspiration, I don’t have any studs in my nails accessories (getting worse and worse today), not that much glitter, I can’t draw pearls… So I decided to represent a brand. Tifanny? nah, too common. Van Cleef & Arpels? Not really meaningful? Cartier? Yes! The brand has a panther as its emblematic animal, which was giving me a chance at a new technique 🙂

3 coats of Samoan Sand from OPI (can’t let it go anymore), a bit of the light brown Chocolate from Etude House’s Ice Cream collection and some Innisfree black later and I had feline nails. As for my accent nail, I chose Forever Yummy from Essie to match the jewels’ velvet pouches and tried to write Cartier on top of it. Major fail is back, because that was hard and I obviously still don’t like what I see. Too many letters and not enough space!!

Nailstorming #18 - Bijoux de famille (1)

Nailstorming #18 - Bijoux de famille (2)

Nailstorming #18 - Bijoux de famille (4)

Nailstorming #18 - Bijoux de famille (3)

It is a bit puzzling to be wearing that kind of batter (I tend to find it to be bad taste in terms of clothing even if I recognize it when it comes to nails), especially as my nails grew quite a bit, makes me look weird I feel! But, it also makes me dream of the day I will me able to afford one of these rings, hihihi.

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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