Little tests between friends ~ N°2: The watermarble case

I’m even not gonna try to justify why, just after being committed to be back; I so blatantly left the blog… But if I tried to sum up in a few worlds, I would probably say: November Nervous Breakdown. That would be an exaggeration duh (I still have some remnants of my sanity) but I’m basically running a marathon up until the end of my semester with my classes. As a result, I sleep few hours, I break my nails, don’t even feel like painting my nails… Ah and my Essie base made bubble, that little traitor.

Anyway, between two projects I decided to finally take some me time and help my nails looking more decent, as it was really time to, and to share at the same time my new love for watermarble (having doubts about my sanity now?). A small cup of room temp water, a few well dripping polishes, a toothpick and tape (supeeeer important), it sounds easy. Well, it’s not, and I failed so miserably so many times I realized that. Until the day it worked. And the next. Mainly thanks to my choice of polishes I guess, and the fact that I was doing the patterns wrong. This time I went back to my first love Essie! I used the bright red Snap Happy, the glittery gold Beyond Cozy and le Blanc.

Water Marble - Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy (4)

Water Marble - Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy (3)

Water Marble - Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy (2)

Water Marble - Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy (1)

Water Marble - Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy (5)

A mani which ended up being quite easy, but since I felt like some good old red on my nails, it was perfect (good for my mental, don’t ask ahaha) and this couple from an earlier winter collection was just what I was looking for. Enough to make me happy quite fast (because in the end, it’s quick to do, I swear!).

And you, did you master the watermarble yet? Don’t hesitate to ask question, I might not be a pro (which is why I spare you any kind of failed step by step description) but who knows 🙂

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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