Little tests between friends ~ N°3: the nautical mix & match case


No, my student life and work load didn’t especially lighten, yes I am procrastinating. I procrastinate therefore I  am.  Therefore I blog. Obviously.

I had a lovely idea at first, inspired by a pretty nautical print found on Pinterest. Theoritically it should have been fine, a nude base – Samoan Sands from OPI – a bit of blue, here I used Kiko’s ink blue polish, n°335 and a tiny red line with Essie Clambake. But as often with me there was a but: I just can’t do it, I’m just no good at drawing boat anchors, to say it was awful would be an euphemism…

So I end up with two naked nails, an accent nail which I really like and a huge lack of inspiration. I finally reached for my dotting tool for my index and pinky fingers. As for the last one, that was a though one, seriously, I really wondered what was I gonna do?? I just decided to get my sh*t together and painted it with East Australian Current, a very pretty glitter blue polish from Love Thy Polish – 4 to 5 coats required to get this shade of blue though!

Poka dots - Nautical (1)

Poka dots - Nautical (2)

Poka dots - Nautical (3)

Poka dots - Nautical (4)

Poka dots - Nautical (5)

As it was neither a skittle manicure (would require all my nails to be different) nor ChiChat Nails skittlete (well, not so far off), I decided this was to be my first mix & match manicure, in a quite nautical theme!

Whata bout you, do you happen to change ideas in the middle of it and go crazy with the rest? 🙂

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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