Nailstorming #20 ~ Matchy matchy!


I know it’s crazy, I actually managed to post my Nailstorming in time! Even before if you count the time I did it. Anyway.

This week’s theme was “Like your clothes” and it was kinda hard for me. Not that I don’t own enough clothes -well, we actually never do, do we? No, the actual problem was that what I like is usually a bit plain, only one color, not too many crazy patterns. Skirts and blouses (especially winter clothes). I do have a Burberry scarf, Aztec shorts, even leggings or a Liberty blouse. The thing is I already made nail-arts for them! I thought for a bit doing my Aigle x Liberty rain boots pattern. And then realized how bad the idea was. So I decided to be somewhat realistic and picked a Kookai skirt with a flowery pattern (Liberty and flower power at Lilispolishes’ !)

I just had to buy it when I tried it on, and now, don’t really know how to wear it. Hard life I know. But after I put two thin coats of black polish (Innisfree), a bit of white – my Konad, but that definitely wasn’t a good choice, a night blue, 3am Girl from Ciate, a bit of cobalt blue (or whatever) with Essie Avenue Maintain, some corail with Picture Polish Peaches ‘n Cream, a bit of teal with Abyss from Color Club and even less of yellow – a Kiko + KBShimmer mix I was matching. And I loved it. Like a LOOOT.

Nailstorming #20 - Matchy Matchy (2)

Nailstorming #20 - Matchy Matchy (1)

Nailstorming #20 - Matchy Matchy (4)

Nailstorming #20 - Matchy Matchy (3)

Nailstorming #20 - Matchy Matchy (5)

But it wasn’t that easy, as the pattern was rather blurry and it’s exactly the type of things I’m bad at, but I think I did a pretty good job in the end. And it was definitely worth it, I totally love my skirt matching nails! (but I did kill my eyes trying to modify my pictures color. Pardon the weird shades so!)

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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