Little tests between friends ~ N°4: The flower’s case


Ok, I know, this thing totally lacks some serious right now. I totally plead guilty, I have been dying under a moutain of group projects and between the end of November and beginning of December (still a few days to survive!) it was kinda hard to manage. If you needed any proof, I haven’t been wearing polish for four days straight. Cuz didn’t have time! (I just lost half of the already few followers I have I think! x) )

Anyhow, I’m back here with a mani I loved to wear last week, but I didn’t get any time to edit my pictures… I bought from Vernisenfolie’s Bé two amazing ILNP multichromes recently, as to forget my EP were lost by UPS (RIP) and I really wasn’t disappointed! I decided to try out Nostalgia first: bronze, beetle gree, but also some golden hints and burgundy depending on the light, a little jewel! To avoid any not so gracious brush marks, I followed one of Pshiiit‘s tricks to stamp over a bit of the polish again using a sponge before applying top coat. The result was flawless!

3 thin coats only, no black base, and it’s just PER-FECT! I looked at my nails in every possible situation just to observe the color shifts for several days And since I didn’t want any big flashy NA, I was inspired by Faustgil’s Nailstorming in which she hand-drew flowers. Mine is definitely very different, and actually looks more like a peony than a rose, but as an accent nail it was quite discrete and elegant, exactly what I was looking for!

ILNP - Nostalgia (1)

ILNP - Nostalgia (2)

ILNP - Nostalgia (3)

ILNP - Nostalgia (4)

ILNP - Nostalgia (5)

For those of you wondering, a toothpick, a drop of white nail polish on tape and irregular crescents drawn around a smaller cente. The less you do, the more it looks like a rose (my right hand could testify on that), but in any case, hard to fail, so really nice for everyone!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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