Nailstorming #21 ~ Toys


I’m litteraly “this” away from singing “Let it go, let it goooo” but since it doesn’t go that well with this week’s theme, I’l simply stick with listening again and again old-school Christmas playlists (my neighbors must be thinking I lost it, I swear): I’m finally done with group projects! Which means, more time to do my nails! Which are by the way shorties again as they didn’t manage to survive the week as well as I did (I didn’t win by much…)

Today’s theme was “Toys” and I wasn’t exactly very inspired. But as Mademoiselle Emma was okay with us drawing plushies, I decided to go with a Christmassy Teddy Bear, especially as I remember having 3 of those in my desk, so nostalgic!

For my base, two thin coats of Essie’s Maximilian Strasse Her and then, using half-dried up brushed, I made strokes of St George and Dragon, got the idea from Didoline’s great nail-art and tutorial. As for the accent, I hand drew the bear before filling it with the brown Chocolate from Erude House (slightly mixed with Everyday is Oktoberfest from OPI) and a bit of OPI with In the Cable-Car Pool Lane for burgundy!

Nailstorming #21 - Toys (2)

Nailstorming #21 - Toys (3)

I’m not 100% satisfied about this nail-art, especially my Teddy, but I really like the effect on the other nails, in love with this kind of green recently!

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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