Winter is (finally) coming!

Oupsie oups. I was so happy to be almost done with schoolwork and Christmas shopping that I kinda forgot about the blog and my nails last week. I tried . For real. Candy Cane epic fail, make it two, and when I tried myself at some really first degree Nailstorming (the theme was Winter is coming)… Well, You know nothing Lili was the only sensible thing coming to my mind, and I started drowning my sorrows in acetone. Almost. Cuz, you know, can’t waste the good stuff either.

In the end, I made a simple choice: back to basics! And, as everyone knows, gradient is life. So I applied 3 thin coats of my Essie Blanc. Next, sponge step with the very pretty purple from the Nordic Collection Do you have this color in Stock-Holm? But it wasn’t Christmassy enough yet. I decided to take out the secrete weapon: gold glitter! And I chose Love.Angel.Music.Baby for this task. Yeah, I am being totally unfaithful to Essie recently. Some of my oldest polish are going bad and I’m just in love with OPI’s big flat brush (did that sound as weird to you as it did to me? Hm…). A few snowflakes thanks to Mademoiselle Emma tutorial, a little bit on every other nail tips and that’s it: winter!

Gradient - Winter Wonderland (1)

Gradient - Winter Wonderland (2)* Gradient - Winter Wonderland (3)

I’m really happy with how it came out, it’s quite easy and cool looking in my opinion, I can feel the Christmas Spirit in me again! Also, I went back to shorter nails cuz my nails wouldn’t stop breaking, and I actually love this length!

See you very soon for new polished adventures!



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