Nailstorming #24 ~ Kings & Queens

Happy New Year to you all!

Ok I know, it feels like I’ve been neglecting the blog a lot recently, no design for the first of January and my first nail-art of the years comes as a late Nailstorming… But it’s sometimes harder to paint your nails during the holidaysn I swear ! Especially as yesterday I was (maybe you too were?) too busy stuffing myself one good last time before the end the the holidays with our Galette des Rois (or Twelfth night cake? No idea, but for those wondering, Epiphany French tradition of eating an almond based pie in which a little figure the size of a bean is hidden. The person who gets it is the king/queen ! :D)

To illustrate this quite royal theme (ok, maybe not so much royal in that sense at first but who cares?) I used OPI nail polishes only: the oh-so-pretty burgundy In the cable car-pool lane was my base (three thin coats necessary), the very dark purple Viking a vinter vonderland as well as the shimmery one Tomorrow never dies to create a gradient and finally, my current favorite golden polish Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (my phone’s auto-correct actually knows its name, that’s a sign…)

Nailstorming #24 - Kings & Queens (1)

Nailstorming #24 - Kings & Queens (2)

Nailstorming #24 - Kings & Queens (3)

I had some unbelievable issues with my gradient (done 3 times, because twice bubbled!) and obviously, you should never try to hand-draw a crown with a liner brush, it’s soooo complicated, but as always, I was foolish in my choice of designs. But I love these colors (I know there are no special seasons to wear any kind of color on your nails but I just love a dark vampy shade in January) especially as they go so well with my nails shape! (a bit of self-flattery never hurts!)

See you soon for many new polished adventures in 2015!

Lili ~


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