Nailstorming #25 ~ Je suis Charlie

Today’s Nailstorming is a bit special. Today, it won’t be about getting all of our polishes out and wondering which technique we are going to use for this theme. Today is not about that, it’s about expressing grief and our thoughts. Today, our little community who usually enjoys talking about life’s futilities wanted to pay its respects to the 17 victims of Paris terror attacks of these Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Today, we are all Charlie, Charb, Cabu, Wolinski, Tignous, Honoré, Bernard Maris, Mustapha Ourrad, Elsa Cayat, Frédéric Boisseau, Michel Renaud, Frank Brinsolaro, Ahmed Merabet, Clarissa Jean-Philippe, Yoav Hattab, Philippe Braham, Yohan Cohen et François-Michel Saada.

I don’t really have words to talk about it. I’m old enough to remember the shock of 09/11, of fear, informations which won’t stop on TV, on radio, of everyone talking about the single same thing, and that’s exactly what is happening right now in France. In Paris. Against journalists. Drawers. Policemen. Innocent citizens. At Vincennes, a few blocks away from my Parisian flat. I’m shocked. Tears in the corner of my eyes. I would like not to be afraid, and yet the feeling is creeping in me. I can only hope that our country will be able to stay strong and united in face of these horrible events. I’m sick and sad of people debating against it. Of racism.

I could have painted my nails black, and some might accuse me of lacking actual respect, but I chose to believe in the hope of better days to come. And in drawing for expression. So instead, I took the right to copy the illustration of the Dutch Ruben L. Oppenheimer. It’s probably the one which made the most impact on me, as I associate the two tragedies a lot.

Nailstorming #25 - Je suis Charlie (3)

Nailstorming #25 - Je suis Charlie (2)

Nailstorming #25 - Je suis Charlie (1)

Today, we are all Charlie.

Je suis Charlie.


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