A GA-LAC-TI-CAL gradient

Oups, I’m getting a bit too excited here. Let’s put things in their context again shall we? While I was looking around on the huge nail database that is Instagram, I found a tutorial for a vertical reciprocal gradient (in which you hide half of your nail during the gradient, before doing the reverse operation and turning around the design. Amazing effect). It’s love at first sight, I just have to try this out as quickly as possible.

Since it had been some time I hadn’t been wearing any mint (there are no seasons anymore, I tell you!). I chose Bondi’s Lady Liberty, which applies well in 3 thin coats, as my base. With it, I sponged Trophy Wife, the metalized teal from Essie and the Oh-so-pretty Birefringence from ILNP. I only did the full nail on my accent because I was just too taken with the contrast with the mint. Added a thin coat of China Glaze’ Golden Enchantment. Traced a few lines using OPI Love. Angel. Music. Baby. d’OPI. And Abracadrabra!

Gradient - GA-LAC-TIQUE (2)

Gradient - GA-LAC-TIQUE (3)

Gradient - GA-LAC-TIQUE (1)

Let’s just say it clearly, this glitter top coat is CRAZY, not shiny it’s almost holographic! And while the gradient isn’t very noticeable in these colors, it looks so much like a galaxy! Not that I tried to, but I just couldn’t help but see it like this, and so I’ve been playing with my house’s lights all day long (yup, the sun, a mythical creature).

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~


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