Nailstorming #27 ~ Oeuvre d’art

When I discovered this week’s theme, I have to admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled. For starters because I’m not living a love story with art. Of course, I went to museum, I enjoy it from time to time, but painting and sculpting are not by favorite form of art, I definitely prefer music. Hence a total lack of inspiration. And also because I was already feeling bad, thinking about the amazing paintings copies some like Véro from Les Poules aussi sont vernies are casually doing on their nails!

So I had to think really hard about that, and I finally settled for Takashi Murakami. His affinity with manga always made me interested, and I like what he generally does, always surprising, colorful and fun. I would have loved to represent his simling flowers or his panda but I worried I was gonna empty my nail polish remover bottle over these so I went for a different work of his, “Jellyfish Eyes”


For my base, I used Ciaté’s pink Hoopla in 4 thin coats (lack of opacity…), the darker pink is my fake OPI Chapel of Love. My white is from Innisfree, the Blue from Etude House Ice Cream Collection Blue mint, mixed with a bit of white and the green a mix between Innisfree’s n°78 and Color Club’s Abyss! A a crowd. I used eyelets for the biggest rounds and a dotting tool.

Nailstorming #27 - Oeuvre d'art (3)

Nailstorming #27 - Oeuvre d'art (2)

Nailstorming #27 - Oeuvre d'art (1)

Not perfect but I’m rather satisfied with what I did, even if so many eyes on my nails sure are disturbing!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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