Nailstorming #29 ~ Saint Valentin

And here I am again, fully dressed in pink! I must admit that Valentine’s day isn’t my especially my cup of tea, when I was with someone, didn’t get to spend that day with him, and now that I’m single… Well, let’s just say that “It’s dripping out love, it’s pretty but unbearable” as Anaïs (a French pop singer) was saying a few years ago…. But as it can also be a great day for many others, I still went ahead with this week’s challenge 🙂

My base for this NA was my pastel pink polish from Innisfree, the n°80, applied in… 4 thin coats. Hurray for pastels! Apart from this little technical aspect, it’s a great polish, and I really love Innisfree’s brush, perfect to draw a precise lunule with almost no cleanup! On top of it, I made a little sponge gradient from pink to red using my fake OPI Chapel of Love and the jelly red from Essie Clambake. For the accent nail, I cut out a heart pattern out of tape and filled it with my OPI!

Nailstorming #29 - Valentine's day (1)

Nailstorming #29 - Valentine's day (2)

Nailstorming #29 - Valentine's day (3)

While it’s probably not my best and funkiest mani ever, it’s pink, so I pass right? Who knows, maybe I’ll be more inspired during the week… 😉

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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