Wanna be my Valentine?

Ok ok ok, I’ll admit it, I’m alone. I feel like a looser and I’m jealous. And as pink is fine for like 5 minutes but otherwise I’d rather wear something else during Winter days (not tat I don’t like it duringSummer hm, but I don’t feel like pink right now), I had to honor my promise and do another Valentine mani, with colors slightly less “lovey-dovey” and all of that pink stuff coming out every inch of the Internet right now!

So I went for a French manucure, a more hedgy one maybe, which I feel like wold be perfect paired with a little nice dress on Saturday (what do you want, I feel peace and joy where I can) et the necessary heart! As my base, meet the very pretty metallic burgundy polish from China Glaze, Don’t Make me Wine in two thin coats. I really like this one, t’s a super classy color and it doesn’t leave many brush marks despite it’s quite tricky nature. To complete it, and because admit it, you were starting to miss it, it’s Love. Angel. Music.Baby from OPI! a little bit of tape for the tips, my dotting tool for the hearts, and here we go!

Tape mani - Wanna be my Valentine (3)

Tape mani - Wanna be my Valentine (2)

Tape mani - Wanna be my Valentine (1)

It was simple, fast, the type of thing I would actually do if I was going out for a date, a bit in a rush and wanting to quickly pimp my mani from the day before. The color mix was better in my head, but oh well, I still like my Valentine…

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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