Nailstorming #31 ~ Tartan!

I probably just beat my own lateness record with this article. After more than a week’s leave, it’s not very serious I admit. What can I say, other that I actually tried to post during my winter break, humongous effort, but I couldn’t exactly find any correct source of light and it was kinda hard to do it on the ski slopes!

In my Née Jolie order, there wasn’t just one, but two stamping plates (which brings their number to 3! What a feat!), and one was the QA96 , drums roll… Plaid/tartan pattern (I know, you were super surprised right now!). I would have loved to show off my amazing reverse stamping skills, but let’s be serious and just admit that I barely know how to stamp in the first place, I shouldn’t embarrass myself too much either!

On a base of 3 thin Samoan Sand (OPI), I used Ciaté’s 3am Girl, a night blue, over 2 different patterns. And to compensate my obvious lack of technique, I free handed a few stripes using the same blue as well as some red using Essie’s Clambake. I finally matified everything using Mate about you, Essie’s mate top coat.

Nailstorming #31 - Tartan (3)

Nailstorming #31 - Tartan (1)

Nailstorming #31 - Tartan (2)

I’m not fully satisfied by what I did but for a first plaid try and my return to life, I felt like it was still proper. And I just couldn’t miss another Nailstorming, especially as I love tartan!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~

Shopping: On Née Jolie // Plaque de stamping motif à Plaid QA96 // 1.63€
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