Nailstorming #32 ~ Happy Holi!

Woot woot, I’m actually on time for once! For today’s sunny March day, the Nailstorming theme was Holi, the Indian holiday of colors. A real drama for me: I was in love with what I made last year, no stamping plate with an Indian looking pattern, I didn’t know what to do! So I went for a technique I wanted to try on a white base with neon colors; splatter (warning: Jackson Pollock Inside!)

This time I managed not to intoxicate myself, I had to say it. My base is two thin coats of my faithful Innisfree white, which has been surviving quite well for the record. I taped up all of my fingers to reduce cleaning time and made my splatter using neon polishes from Korea, Holika Holika. There are purple #4, pink #1 and blue #6. They actually have regular names too, but mind you, Korean isn’t the language from Asia I decided to try to master. The yellow from Kiko #279 as well as Color Club’s Vert Abyss joined the party. As for the negative space accent nail, I first created the first white triangle using tape, then taped my nail again to create the splatter only on the white, before finishing with free-handed white lines, using my brushes from Née Jolie. I seriously do not know how I was surviving before these came in my mail. Seriously!

Nailstorming #32 - Happy Holi (2)

Nailstorming #32 - Happy Holi (1)

Nailstorming #32 - Happy Holi (3)

I was heavily inspired by all the picture of negative space mani you can see on Instagram and especially Pshiiit last post this afternoon and I have to admit, I love this technique, I didn’t know I would love the result so much!

See you soon for new polishes adventures!

Lili ~

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6 thoughts on “Nailstorming #32 ~ Happy Holi!

  1. Lili~ says:

    Thank you! You should try, no need to be too good with polish, just need to blow in a straw and be willing to get polish a bit everywhere x)

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