Nailstorming #33 ~ Happiness

Hi, I’m a very vague and complicated theme, nice to meet you! The Nailstorming has so far been to me an insurance: with this weekly challenge, I’m at least sure I won’t lack inspiration on Sunday, because I will have a precise subject to help me make my choice among my polishes collection. But “Happinness”, I must say kinda let me down (and stunned). Things that make me happy, there are quite a few and I didn’t really know what to pick, and what could be doable on my nails (yes, sometimes I DO try to be realistic. Sometimes). After looking down at all my options, I went for Paris: the city that had always made me dream and in which I finally live since a little bit more than 6 months. So yes, it isn’t always as pretty as on postcards (should I tell you about the subway smell too?), but anyhow, I’m happy to be living there 🙂

For my base, I went for a very pale baby blue from Innisfree, n°84. I though he was done for, not living very well his Shanghai-Paris, but turns out this little guy is a freaking survivor in his full glory (or almost). I applied 3 thin coats but you probably could get away with 2 for a gradient base. With a sponge, I applied around my blue the turquoise from Kiko #341  as well as my pastel neon orange from Innisfree n°76. Epic fail, I inverted the colors of my sky. A bit of pink, using raspberry pink n°18 (Innisfree again) for clouds and here I was, looking at a quite abstrait, and kinda impressionist I must say (I know, I’m going crazy) background.

For what comes next, I used my favorite black pen and tried to draw something looking like an Eiffel tower, some hearts (you know, Paris being the city of love and all that bulls**t) et wrote Paris (in case my Eiffel tower was really too disgusting to be recognizable)

Nailstorming #33 - Happiness (1)

Nailstorming #33 - Happiness (2)

Nailstorming #33 - Happiness (3)

I feel like it has been i billion year I haven’t used my black pen to do that kind of freehand, it’s different, feels good! And my nails splendidly long (it won’t last obviously) were the perfect surface to do so!J

See you soon for new polishes adventures!

Lili ~


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