Happy St Patrick’s Day!

… Belated. Because I made kinda clear that was my leitmotiv right, missing out on big occasions, always making sure I am slightly late and all… I must admit my nails were actually naked all day long, but since this special day is my only excuse to use my green polishes (I really dislike this color and it doesn’t really like me either thanks to my yellow skin undertones), I just had to do something!

For my base, I applied 3 thin coats of the very pretty pastel pistachio green from Etude House, Green Apple. On my pointer finger, I freehanded some clovers using one of my Née Jolie brushes using a neon bright green from Innisfree n°78. As for the other, I made a gradient of Dragon on the tips, the lovely holographic green from A England, and top-coated them all with my favorite China Glaze of all time and its magical glitter, Golden Enchantment. Finally, I probably realized the most splendid watermarble of my whole life as I pretty much don’t know how I managed to end up with a clover, using Dragon and Kiko’s yellow #279.

St Patricks day (1)

St Patricks day (2)

St Patricks day (3)

It’s really green, really old-fashioned showy and stuff, especially considering how long my nails got (well, relatively of course), exactly what I needed to relieve some pressure out of my hectic week, I feel like a Leprechaun is living on my tips!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~

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