Nailstorming #34 ~ Spring!

Can you feel all that happiness and colorfulness in the air? It’s Spring, finally! So, obviously, here in France we were way more ready to believe it two weeks ago that this week end but the calendar doesn’t lie and says Winter Spring is coming!

when I first read this week’s theme, I already knew what I was gonna do (which is more than rare!): it was the perfect occasion to try out my Nee Jolie water decals! And since my first attempt at negative space seemed to be well received, I decided to try again! As a result: 2 thin coats of Essie’s jelly blood red Clambake, which screens Spring as no other polish does, a white base for my water decal accent. Naughty Nautical ended up being the lucky third color on my middle finger.

Nailstorming #34 - Spring (2)

Nailstorming #34 - Spring (4)

Nailstorming #34 - Spring (3)

i ended up requiring a lot of time to understand how to use my WD since I’m not that great (as it already has a white base, you have to gently peel off its paper BEFORE applying it to the nail in order to apply it on the right face) but jeez, it’s amazing! I’m in love! All right, I might have slightly cheated and painted my tulips over with a thin coat of Clambake to make it the exact same red… But it’s nice right? 😀

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~

Shopping: On Née Jolie // Water Decals Coquelicots Rouges (Red Poppies) #XF1390 // 1.55€
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