Nailstorming #35 ~ Easter

*push the grinding door…*

I am back, and to be truth to my won little tradition, I had to come with a late Nailstorming. I tend to exasperate enough my friends and family with my nails without painting an Easter Nailstorming at my grandma’s in-between two servings of lamb (sorry to all the vegans out there, I hear you, but traditions are rock solid in my far away land!)

Anyway, I came back from a super restful week-end in Auvergne with a few chocolates and might I say, inspiration. Three thin coats of Green Apple, my go-to pastel green from Etude House were perfect for a very seasonal base. On top of it, a nice polka dot pattern with white and gold polishes. My chance to get  Love. Angel. Music. Baby. out again! For my accent nail, I drew (or tried to, at least) a Lindt’s Lapinor (still alive and breathing for now, I had to give that to him since he helped me out for my photoshoot you know).


Nailstorming #35 - Pâques (4)

Nailstorming #35 - Pâques (1)

Nailstorming #35 - Pâques (2)

Happy Easter or Passover to you all, despite my slight lateness! I am on my way to kill my liver with my left chocolates, and will try my best to be back as soon as possible!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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