Je vois la vie en Bleu ~ YSL is back


As promised, I came back! And since I didn’t exactly want to endanger either my mental or physical health, both already quite prejudiced this few last week, I wanted an easy mani to show you guys. And suddenly, my life saver appeared: Née Jolie’s water decals!

I didn’t even put any base color, just my regular base (as always), I dip a bit my design in water (here, I agree, it’s almost the same thing as a nail patch) a few seconds, gently slide it off its protective layer and up onto my nail. I try and apply it as neatly as possible (you now, like wallpaper?), wait a few seconds for everything to settle down a bit BEFORE cleaning up all the superfluous thing away with nail polish remover. I know that usually people do it the other way around but I found it easier this way, less messy on my cuticles lines. To match these decals, and you probably already guessed from my article’s title, I went for YSL Bleu Majorelle. 3 thin coats (though 2 were probably enough), no clean up necessary thanks to the fantastic brush… A thin coat of Matte About You and a few yellow and red dots to remind the pattern, and I’m all set to go!

YSL - Water Decals (2)  YSL - Water Decals (3)

YSL - Water Decals (1)

So, obviously, this ain’t anything crazy, but it’s super easy, simple and rather nice looking if I may say so myself. Who says in a hurry says quality nail polish, and one can never go wrong with an YSL! Water Decals can easily add an edgy touch to a classic mani super quickly, perfect for us all busy girls!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~

Shopping: On Née Jolie // 1 sheet of water decals Floral print – 3 patterns of choice #17536  (K5649) // 1.97€
You can get 10% off your order using my promo code, and the shipping fees are free, whatever the amount!



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