Pink melody ~ Reverse stamping!

I didn’t give up. Well, almost. I was so busy trying to stay alive last week that I didn’t find any time to actually tend to my nails. They were split, way too long for their state, dehydrated, with super scary cuticles to boot. Let’s just say I wasn’t feeling so well and so did my nails (is it necessary to add that I had them naked for more than a week?).

But, hopefully, I am starting to see the end of my school projects (Ô Master’s degree, we like you hm, no doubt about that, but you’re not showing much in return…) and it was more than time for me to bring back some life in there! To do so, and to match the super nice springy atmosphere we have in Paris ad coincidentally my ootd, I went for a pastel pink base. Innisfree, 3 thin coats of the n°80. And then I got a crazy idea: try reverse stamping! And here I was, a stamping plate in my hand, quickly using some black to print it on the stamper, then filling the pattern as well as I could (not much) with bright pink from L’Onglerie, Magenta, and Kiko’s turquoise  #389 (lthe yellow #279 is also from Kiko). Add some top coat. Wait patiently. And there it is, my miracle!

Reverse stamping - Pink melody (1)

Reverse stamping - Pink melody (3)  Reverse stamping - Pink melody (2)

So yes, it is far from being perfect, we are so far away from my dreams Instagram & Pinterest feeds, I couldn’t perfectly fill the pattern and so on. But seriously, WHO CARES? (or: the happiness of succeeding in novelty). It worked! Let me tell you I am so in love with this technique, I need more stamping plates to play with!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~

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