I stamp therefore I am ~ Holographic gradient

Yes, you are not dreaming, this isn’t some kind of fluke, I am truly back this week!

I appears I mostly wasted most of my sunny days, and now that my semester is finally coming to an end, it’s gonna rain. Talk about irony. Therefore, it seemed utterly necessary to wear some holographic, so that I could shine as long as I still could, you see what I mean (no, you don’t? Don’t worry, you will soon)

So I put 3 thin coats of Hema’s Holographic Green (which does seem pretty much silver to me but oh well…) which wasn’t that easy, I guess this one deserves a real holo water base, it makes patches and holes, you have to be really careful. I matched it with with with… SAINT-GEORGE! It had been way too long since I didn’t use any A England polish, it wasn’t possible anymore, and I had to reach for my fav teal. For the accent nail, because I am so full of myself now that I own 3 stamping plates (LOL) I stamped a cute little pattern from the QA96 plate (Née Jolie). It’s mostly plaid patterns, but it also has some really cute designs!

A England - stamp & gradient (4)

A England - stamp & gradient (1)

A England - stamp & gradient (3)

It’s super shiny, super holo, it’s still sunny outside, I stamp, it’s ama-zing!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~

Shopping: On Née Jolie // Plaque de stamping motif à Plaid QA96 // 1.63€
You can get 10% off your order using my promo code, and the shipping fees are free, whatever the amount!




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