Birefringence ~ Stars in my eyes


I almost did die buried under my last assignments of the semester, doing almost all-nighters several days in a row, but here I am, back with nails in a not-so-good shape! It’s raining here in Paris and it’s rather hard to find any motivation for springy colors (though I am seriously eying this Dior’s Sunwashed, aren’t you? *___*) so I picked a dark multichrome I never yet properly introduced here, ILNP Birefringence.

I have to admit, this was a gradient to begin with. I used OPI metallic night blue Unforgretably Blue as my base. But the two of them are really good together, the shift is not so easy to pick. And since I obviously didn’t managed to properly take a picture of Birefringence amazing color shifts (IRL it’s much more perceptible…). You will have to excuse me for my overexposed pic’, I did my best to show you something here! I added a few stars from a Pshiiit x Bourjois kit bought last year 🙂

ILNP - Birefringence (1)

ILNP - Birefringence (2)

ILNP - Birefringence (4)

Nothing incredible in terms of NA, I know, but this polish is just great on its own, perfect when you need something pretty in a hurry!

See you soon for new polished adventures (and real NA, I swear!)

Lili ~


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