I sheeped again ~ Neon Gradient

And here I am again! My blogging activity went down to a serious low this month, and I know it stinks, but May was a month full of various event, from very happy ones to the usual finals, as well as an apartment search, a move and an internship hunt. I was just happy when I had the time to just paint my nails. And now that I am without wifi at home, it’s not getting better unfortunately, not just yet. But I am willing and will try to get back in the saddle a bit more properly!

This week, as my title admit it very shamelessly, I sheeped: I saw so many amazing neon gradients with stamping or watermarble on top of them recently on Instagram that I just HAD TO try it myself. I started with 2 thin coats of OPI Alpine Snow, to bring out the full power of neon polishes. As for the gradient, no single brand massive swatching here, but a festival of various polishes: my pink is a Yes Love, the blue, purple and yellow are Holika Holika and the orange and green Innisfree. To finish it nicely, I topped it with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust, an holographic glitter top coat. Should have applied 2 for it to be more visible on my pictures… And finally, I stamped a Hawaiian flower pattern using  Née Jolie BP L005 stamping plate.

Stamping - Neon gradient and flowers (2)

Stamping - Neon gradient and flowers (3)

Stamping - Neon gradient and flowers (4)

Stamping - Neon gradient and flowers (5)

I kind of failed my stamping, to my utter sadness, it was so perfect when transfered on to the stamper but always moving a bit too much on my nails, resulting to slightly blurru patterns… But the plate is perfect ! 😀 I had a bit a lot of troubles bringing out the colors on my pictures, they’re more vivid than that!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~

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