Gravity ~ Oups, I stamped again

Hello !

Despite being in holidays, I’m still no very active: I had an article (well pictures for one) ready and I… forgot. Quite a full week sorry. But, since I promised to show this mani last week and showed you a glimpse of it on Instagram and Facebook, I really had to move it and act.

I chose to use the ohsopretty Gravity from Picture Polish, 2 thin coats over a black one (necessary to reach opacity and desired color). Ok so, let’s talk about this one, because it’s just perfect, its holo glitter make for instant Galaxy Nails, just amazing. I am so disappointed at my pictures because they don’t show that as much as I would have wanted 😦 As for the accent nail, I again went for Née Jolie BP L005 stamping plate and did a reverse stamping using white and Essie’s Bikiny so Teeny on a really nice pattern!

Stamping - Reverse on Gravity (1)

Stamping - Reverse on Gravity (2)

Stamping - Reverse on Gravity (3)

Stamping - Reverse on Gravity (4)

Ok so, I don’t know what happened to me when I took these pictures, it was sunny outside and all but I took them with articifial lightening and it’s so crappy I hate myself for that ! And I loved so much this mani too !

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~

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