Matchy Matchy ! (4) ~ Charlotte Love

Hello !

I am finally back this Sunday and not with a Nailstorming (it’s probably the second time there is this “paint a man’s nails” theme and that I have to skip), but a mani quickly done during the week which I really enjoyed wearing ! The Matchy Matchy Series are back and so, my inspiration for this week’s design was a plates set realized by Charlotte Love, a London-based interior designer. I just fell in love with the patterns and colors which were perfect together !

So I applied 3 thin coats of Alpine Snow (maaan, it’s starting to get sticky due to overuse…), took out my black pen and some pink polish. I had to mix my super pastel pink from Innisfree, n°80 with a tiny drop of L’Onglerie Magenta to get the desired hue (there, you see, still missing tons of colors !!), and then freehanded the rest of the design !




It’s pretty discreet and lady-like if I may say so, but at the same time artsy and pop-arty, I loved how it came out as a nail-art !

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~

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