Nailstorming #43 ~ Avatar, the last airbender

Hello !

Today is kinda special right: not only is there a new post, but it’s actually a Nailstorming AND on a Sunday ! That is so rare these times that I just had to point it out. Anyway, today’s theme was the four elements. Right off the bat, no clue what to do, and I even thought about skipping once again. And then the opening theme from Avatar came to my mind.

Didn’t take me much time on Pinterest to get a pattern!

I started with a pastel base on every nail: the yellow Banana, the peach Peach (yeah, I just said/wrote that) and the pistachio green Green Apple, all from Etude House Ice Cream collection, as well as a pale lavender blue from Innisfree, n°85. And then, a bit of work with my favorite thin brush and Alpine Snow. I finished with mixing darker hues with white or the pastel to get all the tones I needed. For the yellow, it was Kiko #279, the orange was Clambake from Essie, Mesmerized from Essie again for the marine blue and the neon green from Innisfree n°78.




It was a bit of work, but starting from something which didn’t inspire me at all, I think I did a pretty good work and ended up loving the design ! I wished I could do the same nail art on my right hand !

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~

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