Half moon & freehand ~ Color Club Abyss

Hello !

I know, it has been two weeks since my last article. Still having troubles adjusting to my new lifestyle and got a new cosplay project which is kinda taking most of my interest right now…J

Anyway, as I was going to the fabric shop empty my wallet on some fancy fabric (can you believe it, almost went for a €240/meter one… erm) I saw a super pretty cotton with a really cool pattern that I definitely wanted to do myself. As fast as that, I just took a picture (nah, didn’t buy it, fools :p ). To create the same on my nails, I first applied 3 thin coats of OPI Alpine Snow. With my thin brush I then first drew the pattern with Bondi’s mint polish, Lady Liberty, then Color Club Abyss, my favorite teal (apart from St George obviously !) and finally my yellow from Kiko #279. Obviously, if I had done things in the reverse order, it would have been that much cleaner and easier, but oh well… Final touch with Essie’s red Clambake.




It’s not perfect, and the top coat didn’t even the surface of my nails as much as I hoped it would, but I really liked the idea of a half moon and I enjoyed doing it !

See you soon (for real !) for new polished adventures !

Lili ~


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