Kiko teal 383 and Excalibur A England nail-art (1)

Matchy Matchy ! (6) ~ Les Georgettes

Hello 🙂

And here I am, finally coming back. After a rather full week came Friday 13th.  What comes next, we sadly today all know about it. If I decided to try and express my grief the next day on my nails, I didn’t wish to write any article. Too soon, too hard, too complicated. Too incensitive as well it seemed to me.  Nail art is the way I choose to express myself and that’s all. I didn’t have the words, nor the will to write anything, I was actually still trying to make sure none of my friends were caught up in the events. It felt like blogging was so much futile. A frivolous thing that usually puts stars in my eyes (and holo glitter everywhere in my room). When my mani started to chip, couldn’t even find the will to do something else, until the next weekend when I went home. So here I am, trying to stand back on my 2 feets. We can’t and we won’t forget, things won’t ever be the same. But we’ve also got to live and enjoy the little trivial things that make our hearts beat even stronger ❤

I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to paint nails with a super cute French 3-Free nail polish brand, Nailmatic. It was the launching eeving for a very nice French jewelry brand called Les Georgettes. The idea ? Metalic cuffs with awesome patterns and a small piece of colored leather to make your bracelet yours only. I was (and still am) in love. I went back home with a silver one and a red (cause it has 2 colors, how great is that??) and, obviously, teal one.

If we talk a bit about nail stuff now, it’s pretty plain in the end, but does the job: two thin coats of Kiko n°383 and a Japanese wave pattern free-handed with the prettiest Escalibur, from A England. Obviously not as perfect as stamping, but I really enjoyed it, especially as I was thinking about that kind of pattern since some time already !

Kiko teal 383 and Excalibur A England nail-art (1)

Kiko teal 383 and Excalibur A England nail-art (2)

Kiko teal 383 and Excalibur A England nail-art (3)

Kiko teal 383 and Excalibur A England nail-art (4)

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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