Nailstorming #17 ~ This is Halloween!


I know I know, I’m super late and barely on time for my entry, I blame entirely the holidays and the limited stock of polishes I had to pack. When I left, I didn’t know yet what would be the next theme and it was kind of hard to plan all of that! But if you still will accept it…

To me, Halloween doesn’t mean much. I mean,sure, as a kid I probably enjoyed it much more since it involved so much sweat, but we loose this privilege as we grow up! You can also add to that the fact that I’m a serious chicken when it comes to horror and all of this stuff (I’m the person they need to get out of the Haunted House. yup, that’s me), and you get a Lili not so much hyped up for October 31st. But I activated my few brain cells left and felt like vampires. Probably because I have been passing in front of this musical poster for so long in the subway!

Equipped with my lovely bloody red Clambake from Essie as my base, then the very classy red Forever Yummy from Essie too as well as my Innisfree black polish I made a subtle gradient on most of my nails. As for the accent nail, I drew the lips using Leading Lady (Essie again!) on a nude base from OPI Samoan Sands.

Nailstorming #17 - Halloween (1)

Nailstorming #17 - Halloween (2)

Nailstorming #17 - Halloween (3)

Once again i was unrealistic about my ability to draw on nails, i wanted to make a mouth much like the ones on True Blood’s covers. Well at some point it ended up looking like the Rolling Stones’, epic fail. But still it was quite fun and gave me the opportunity to sport some red nails, something I basically don’t do anymore.

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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